Department of English

Alumni Forum

Alums from the Nonfiction Writing Program offer insights on careers in nonfiction writing, editing, publishing, and teaching.

Spring 2023

In this Alumni Forum, producers from Now Here This will facilitate a conversation with Brown Alumni who are working in the audio industry. The conversation will explore how to make effective audio stories, pitch them to people, and gain success post-college in the industry.

Time: April 19th, 6 pm

Location: Friedman Hall, Room 102



Ana González headshot

Ana González

Ana González is an award-winning podcast producer and host living in Rhode Island. Currently, she's working on a new, unreleased podcast series with Yo-Yo Ma. She's also produced for WNYC's Radiolab and the Radiolab for Kids spinoff, Terrestrials. Ana was the founding producer and host of Mosaic, a podcast on immigrant experiences from The Public’s Radio. Ana graduated from Brown University in 2015 with a degree in jazz studies and loves stories, people, community, the ocean, and dogs very much.

Anna Martin

Anna Martin

Anna Martin is the host of the Modern Love podcast at the New York Times. She graduated from Brown in 2016, and spent most of her time on campus telling stories with the Storytellers club. She’s produced live shows and podcasts at places like Pop-Up Magazine, The Moth, Slate, and This American Life. She currently lives in Brooklyn. 

Liza Yaeger

Liza Yaeger

Liza Yeager is an independent audio producer, sound designer, and editor. She's made longform documentary radio for InvisibiliaPlanet Money, and New York Magazine's Cover Story, among many other outlets. She was the editor of Jacobin Magazine's Antibody series and is currently at work on The Dig Presents, a new narrative series about politics and feelings. Recently, she's also been making stories about grief, mustangs, and climate change romance. Liza graduated from Brown in 2017.

Now Here This

Now Here This

Now Here This (NHT) is a student-run workshop at Brown for re-imagining audio storytelling. Each semester, we pitch, produce, and publish a range of experimental audio. At the end of each semester, we produce an issue based on student work curated around a certain theme. 

Past Forums

The producers of Now Here This lead a conversation with Ana González (class of ‘15), Anna Martin (class of ‘16), and Liza Yaeger (class of ‘16) about making and pitching compelling stories as well as navigating the first steps out of school and into the professional world.
Essayist and n+1 publicity coordinator, Elisabeth Borst ’17.5; Studio Theatre grants coordinator and writer, Sarah Cooke ’17; award-winning writer and producer, Jessica Weisberg ’06; and award-winning writer and teacher, Cutter Wood ’06, read from their work and talk about writing beyond Brown.
Poet and essayist, April Freely '04; "Wirecutter" staff writer, Sabrina Imbler '16; freelance writer and MFA student, Erica Schwiegershausen '13; and writer and environmental activist, Daniel Sherrell '13.5 read from their work and talk about writing beyond Brown.
This event featured teacher Sara Mann '10; science writer Jean Hazel Mendoza '12; media writer Doreen St. Felix '14; and writer and editor Dayna Tortorici ’11, who read from their work and spoke about post-graduation careers for writers.
This event featured: Mimi Dwyer ’13, researcher at Reuters and a freelance journalist living in Brooklyn; Andrew Marantz ’06.5, editor and writer at The New Yorker; Dayna Tortorici ’11, managing editor and co-editor-in-chief of n+1; and Natalie Villacorta ’13, health and science writer on weekdays and a personal essayist.
This event featured writers and editors Sandra Allen '09, Andrew Marantz '06.5, Nathan Schneider '06, and Erica Schwiegershausen '13, who read from their work and offered their perspectives on attaining careers in nonfiction writing.