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Our series honors working writers in various nonfiction genres, including literary reportage, lyric essay, personal essay, creative nonfiction, podcasting, journalism, and biography, amongst many others.

Fall 2023

Georgia Wright

Georgia Wright

December 6th at 6 pm
Pembroke 305

Georgia Wright (she/they) is a writer and audio producer based in Providence, RI. Her multidisciplinary work spans themes of climate in/justice, queerness, and neurodivergence across genres and mediums. Georgia’s opinion and culture writing can be found in The Guardian, Atmos, and The Indy; the youth climate podcast she co-created, Inherited (a production of YR Media and Critical Frequency) has been critically acclaimed by outlets such as the New York Times, NPR, Vulture, CBS This Morning, and New Scientist. Previously, Georgia was the Senior Producer for Radiotopia’s award-winning advice and culture podcast, Adult ISH. Her work has won a Signal Award, a Casey Shearer Memorial Award, and a Merlyn’s Pen Climate Grant, among other honors.

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