Department of English

Registration Guidelines

The Nonfiction Writing program like other concentrations has guidelines that must be followed to complete the track.

Fall 2023 Nonfiction Writing Program Courses

Introductory (no prerequisites)

  • ENGL0900 Critical Reading and Writing I: The Academic Essay
  • ENGL0930 Introduction to Creative Nonfiction

Intermediate (no prerequisites)

  • ENGL 1050G, Journalism Practicum (Lake)
  • ENGL 1050U, Writing Graphic Memoir (Hipchen)
  • ENGL 1050W, Memoir and Autofiction in the Asian American Diaspora (Talusan)


  • ENGL 1140B, The Public Intellectual (Stanley)
  • ENGL 1140D, Writing Diversity (Jackson)
  • ENGL 1180H, Satire and Humor Writing (Readey)
  • ENGL 1180I, Writing Medical Narrative (Schapira)
  • ENGL 1180P, Further Adventures in Creative Nonfiction (Hardy)
  • ENGL 1180Z, Healthcare Journalism (Lake)
  • ENGL 1190U, Nature Writing (Ward)
  • ENGL 1190X, Nonfiction Now (Rush, Stewart)
  • ENGL 1190Y, Editing as Revision (Hipchen)


Most sections offered in the Nonfiction Writing Program require instructor approval to complete registration, and many require writing samples, use a lottery-system, or have other pre-enrollment tasks or procedures. Often individual instructors keep wait-lists for students during the shopping period. Please check with section instructors for the specific requirements and procedures for enrollment.

Registration Procedures

ENGL 0900, 0930: Sections will be capped at seventeen students. All pre-registered students must attend the first three class sessions, in person or virtually, and must complete any requirements during that period, or they may lose their spaces.

Please see individual course descriptions for registration guidelines.


The Nonfiction Writing Honors Program is intended for students who have been highly successful in their English concentration work.