Department of English

Aislinn Kelly

BA, English, University of North Florida, 2017, MA, Distinction, Modern and Contemporary Literature, Culture and Thought, University of Sussex, 2019
70 Brown St.
Research Interests American Literature and Culture, Asian American Studies, Colonial and Postcolonial Studies


My current research focuses on how Vietnamese American authors narrate and imagine the difficult to pinpoint “before” and the non-existent “after(math)” of colonialism, war, and displacement. I am interested in the idea that the Vietnamese American literature proliferating in the 21st century belongs to an emerging body of post-colonial, post-war, refugee writing made at an opportune moment. My MA research at the University of Sussex focused on WWI cyclist-soldiers, theorizing such figures as composites of man, machine, and memory who disrupt time and categories of modernity, war, childhood, and myth.