Department of English

Blythe Waite

MA, Philosophy and English Literature, University of Edinburgh, 2017, MA, English and American Literature, New York University, 2023
Research Interests Romanticism, Poetry and Poetics, 19th-Century, Eighteenth-Century Studies, Romantic and Victorian, Literary and Cultural Theory, Transatlantic Studies


My research interests are in aesthetics, poetics, historical materialism, and the history of science in the Romantic period. I’m interested in how poetry draws from but also veers away from visual arts such as landscape painting, as well as the interweaving of ideas between the arts and sciences that influence how environments are depicted and (de)constructed in Romantic poetry. One path to investigating this has been through walking poetry; my master’s thesis at NYU explored the commitment to the particular and the resistance to abstracting ideas of nature in the walking poems of John Clare.