Department of English

Choa Choi

B.A. International Relations and Comparative Literature, Yonsei University, 2015, M.A. English, Yonsei University, 2018
Research Interests American Literature and Culture, Multiethnic Literature of the U.S., Studies in the Novel, 20th-Century and Contemporary, Science and Technology Studies, Asian American Studies, Food Studies


My scholarship lies at the intersection of 20th-century American Literature, U.S. Multiethnic
Literature, and Global Anglophone Literature (as it is constantly being shaped and challenged),
and engages with Environmental Studies, Food Studies, Genre Studies, Postcolonial Studies, and
Asian American Studies. My research examines 20th-century and contemporary literary and
cultural representations of agrotopias, farming practices, agricultural industry, and foodways vis-
à-vis the ideas of race, class, and labor. I’m particularly interested in how these representations
interact with historical discourses and alternative memories in the context of the ongoing
configurations of the Cold War ideology. My current project explores how the language of
farming and agriculture is intertwined with racial solidarity and conflicts, and how this language
re-imagines the division between the individual self and collective community as well as the
demarcations between literary genres. By bringing disparate literary periods and interdisciplinary
fields into relation under the collaborative rubric of farming and the literary, my project engages
critically with the institutional boundaries and silos that structure the study of English literature
as a discipline. I joined Brown in 2022.

As Teaching Assistant
ENGL 0100: The Simple Art of Murder, Spring 2024
ENGL 0101: America Dreaming, Fall 2023