Department of English

Juan Gallardo

B. A. English, Wesleyan University, 2016.
Research Interests African American Studies and the Black Atlantic, American Literature and Culture, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Queer Theory/Gay and Lesbian Studies, Race and Slavery, 20th-Century and Contemporary, Afro-Pessimism


A literary studies scholar whose objects emerge from Black Studies, Queer of Color Critique, Black Feminism, and Freudian & Lacanian psychoanalysis, my research interests span late-nineteenth century African-American literature, mid-twentieth century psychiatric history, and more recently, Black Cinema from the 1967-1980. Wary as I am of the ego-centric grounds of contemporary discourses of minoritarian difference, my tentative work straddles the quagmires of Black Ontology and the Lacanian subject.