Department of English

Concentration Requirements

Learn about the requirements for the English concentration, the Nonfiction Writing track, and the honors program.

English Concentration

All substitutions and/or exceptions must be approved by the concentration advisor in consultation with the Director of Undergraduate Studies. A substitution or exception is not approved until specified by a notation in ASK or on file in the English department.


  • Each course may fulfill one requirement.
  • Five of the ten courses must be at the 1000-level.
  • With advisor approval, two of the ten required courses may be taken in departments other than English. 
  • ENGL 0900 and ENGL 0930 do not count toward the concentration, however, they do fulfill prerequisites for upper-level Nonfiction courses.
  • Only two courses dealing primarily with the practice of writing at the 1000-level may be counted toward the concentration, and they count as electives.
  • One ENGL 0200 may be counted toward the ten-course requirement only as an elective.

English/Nonfiction Writing Track

  • 10 Courses.
  • Same requirements as above.
  • Three 1000-Level Nonfiction writing classes must be among the five electives.
  • Only one of the three may be intermediate (ENGL 1030, ENGL 1050). 
  • Only three Nonfiction courses may count toward the track.